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Inside the Property Panel’s dashboard, you will see the current status of your property  (Number of Screens, Number of Services, Packages, Subscriptions, a friendly reminder of what is missing on your account set up, and an image of your end user application homepage.)
Reading Tip: The Property Panel allows you to personalize everything inside your applications homepage apart from the 5 core functionality buttons: Live TV, VOD, Services, Apps, More.

Property Panel’s dashboard.png

The Screens Module has only one submodule called TV Screens. Here you can create new screens as well as manage existing ones. Every screen is identified as a unique device. You start creating one by clicking the “Create” button inside the page:

main elements of a Screen.png

The main elements of a Screen are:

  1. Screen Number - The number which the screen will be identified with.

  2. MAC Address - The device’s  MAC address which will check once the user has installed the hospitality apk inside his/her device.

  3. Full Name - End User’s Full Name

  4. PIN - Default is “1234”. You can change it by checking the field “Change PIN”

  5. Screen Mode - Hotel Room/ Bar & Restaurant

  6. Stream Source - Selecting from which stream source will the end user device receive your content

  7. Show Adult - Whether the user will be able to access adult content or not.

Reading Tip: Make sure that the MAC Address corresponds to the MAC Address of the customer’s device, otherwise they will not be able to log into their application.


The three submodules to the Commercial Module of the Property Panel are: Services, Personalization & Tv Packages



A property can create its own services, as well as receive the content distributor services. These services will not appear inside the content provider account, which means they will not be available for the other properties registered to the same content provider account.

You create a new service by clicking the “ADD SERVICE” button inside the service submodule page;

Then you will be redirected to the services creation page which we explained previously in the document.



Here you will have full control of what is displayed on the homepage of your application. You can change each one of the following elements:

  1. Reception Number

  2. WiFi Password

  3. Location and Weather

  4. Logo

  5. Background Image

  6. Video



After changing an element, on the preview that is positioned to the right of your browser page, you will see in real time the changes and how the end result will be displayed.

TV Packages

This submodule serves as a package menu for all the packages available to you from the content provider account.

You can gain more information regarding the packages by clicking the “INFO” button inside them.


You can gain more information regarding the packages by clicking the “INFO” button inside them.

Sales Reports

On the Reports menu, you will have the option to generate subscription reports calculated by Activations, by Date and by Months.



You can easily find the Settings Module of the Property Panel. It is located on the top of the browser page, near the upgrade button.


The module itself is divided into:

  1. Users & Roles

  2. Account Details

  3. Change Property Name

  4. Change Password

  5. Log Out

User and Roles

 You can look at every user inside the property as well as invite new users via email invite.

Account Details

Here you will find all your personal information. You can change them all, apart from the Role field, which will always stay the same (owner).


Change Property Name

Here you can change the property name as many times as you want and submit the new name just by clicking the “Submit” button

Change Password

With Change Password you can change the password to your account in case you have shared it with someone else or you feel it is way too simple to be used as an everyday business password.

Sales Reports
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