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User Guide is a 5 star engagement system for all worldwide hospitality operators who want to entertain their guests with an interactive two way system, providing exceptional services.

The management system for the operators gives the opportunity to control, manage and monetize your services.

Status Dashboard


In the top right corner of the page you have:  

  1. “Languages”, where you can change the language of the administration panel.

  2. “Admin Space”, where you can log out or change the password.


The main screen provides overall information about the tv system like the total number of:

  • Rooms;

  • Channels;

  • VOD Movies;

  • Assets Menu;

  • Assets Category;

  • Assets Details.


You can also see the “Last 10 Rooms” activated and the “Last 10 Subscriptions”.


On the left panel in the “Room Management” menu you will find “Rooms”. In this section you can create a room for each physical room you have in your hotel.


Room - the name of the room you want to create.

Mac Address - the Mac Address of the device that appears in the login page when you open the application.

Pin - must have 4 numbers. 

Timezone - select your timezone from the dropdown list.

Description - you can write a description about the room.

Plans and Packages

You can find “Plans and Packages” in “Settings”.


Plans and Packages

Product ID - each product has a unique ID.

Name - the name of the product.

Duration - the duration of the product.

Value - the price of the product.

After creating the product you can add packages.



You can create Live TV or VOD packages.

Package Name - name of the package you are going to create.

Package Type - select from the dropdown list if you want to create a STB or Mobile package.


Live TV Channels

Live TV Channels

Description - name of the category/genre.

Icon - the icon on the category/genre.

Channels and Streams


Title - the name of the channel.

EPG Map ID - the channel ID you have in the EPG data that you have imported.

Channel Number - the number of the channel.

Icon - the icon of the channel.

Genre - you must select one of the genres you have created from the dropdown list.

Description - you can write specifications about the channel.

Pin Protected - check if the channel will include adult content.

Packages - you can choose one or more of the packages that you have created.

After creating a channel you can add one or more “Streams”.


Channel - select from the dropdown list the channel for which you are creating the stream.

Stream Source ID - select from the dropdown list.

Stream Url - you must insert the stream url.

Channel Mode - you can choose between “Live TV Stream” and “Catchup Stream”.

Recording Engine - you must select “None”.

Stream Resolution - are filled automatically.

Stream Format - you must select HLS.

Token - unchecked.

Token Url - you don’t need it if “Token” is unchecked.

Encryption - unchecked.

Encryption Url - you don’t need it if “Encryption” is unchecked.

DRM Platform - you must select “None”.

VOD Content

VOD allows browsing through available VOD content catalogue, checking information about the selected movie. In “VOD Menu” you are going to create: VOD Menu, Genres, Videos and Streams. 

Before you create the content you must first create the VOD Menu and VOD Genres.

VOD Content


Here are the steps you must follow to create a genre:

Name - category name.

Description - you can specify information regarding the genre.

Sorting - the positioning of the genre.

Icon - you must choose a icon for the genre.

Small icon.

Password - you can setup a password for genres that contain adult content.

VOD Menu


VOD Menu Name - you specify the name of the menu.

Description - you must write a description about the specifics of the menu.

Order - the position of the menu.

Pin Protected - check if the menu contains movies with adult content.

VOD Menu Carousel

After creating a “VOD Menu” you can create different carousels for that menu.


VOD Menu ID - select from the dropdown list vod menu name.

Carousel Name - the name of the carousel you are creating.

Description - you can write a description about the carousel.

Order - the positioning of the carousel.


Is Available - check if the carousel will be available for the customers.

Videos and Streams

The steps you have to follow to create a movie on VOD:


Title - the title of the movie.

Original title - the original title of the movie. If the movie doesn’t have an earlier  version this field will take by                                       default the title of the movie.

Movie Imdb ID.

Genres - you can select one or more genres.

Packages - you can select one of the packages or both of them.

Director - the director of the movie.

Rate - the rating of the movie.

Vote average - how the viewers have voted the movie.


Clicks - how many times have people clicked the movie.

Duration - how long does the movie lasts.

Short Description - a short description about the movie.

Description - a description about the movie, what is it about.

Starring - the starring actors.

Trailer Url - the url of the movie trailer.

Movie Website - you can add the website of the movie, if it has one.

Video Scrubbing Url.

Icon - you can insert an image for the movie.

Has Adult Content - check if the movie contains adult content.

Expiration Date - content right (for how long has the movie been bought).

Price - the price of the movie (if it has 0 costs it will be included in one of the packages, if it has a cost it will be                      sold individually).

Mandatory Ads - disabled/enabled.

Revenues - movie revenues.

Budget - the budget of the movie.

Original Language - the language in which the movie was made.

Spoken Languages - filter values.

Release Date - the date in which the movie will be disponible or was released.

Status - if the movie is released or is still fiming.


After the movie is created you can add subtitles and streams.

Hospitality Assets

Assets Menu

Hospitality Assets

Title - the title of the asset master.

Description - you can write information about the specifics of the asset.

Image - upload a image for the asset.

Order - the positioning of the asset.

Assets Category


Assets Master - select from the dropdown list one of the asset master you have created.

Title - the title of the category.

Description - you can write information or a description about the category.

API Url.

Image - upload an image for the category.

Oder - the positioning of the category.

Assets Details


Assets Category - select from the dropdown list one of the categories you have created.

Title - the title of the asset.

Short Description - you can write a short description about the asset.

Long description - you can write a larger description about the asset. In this section you have options like: bold,                                            underline, add html code, link, videos etc.

Icon - upload an icon for the asset.

Image - upload an image for the asset.

Rating - the rating of the asset.

Price - the price of the asset.

JSON Actions - add JSON.



Room - select from the dropdown list one of the rooms you have created.

Combo - select from the dropdown list one of the combos that you have created in “Plans”.

On Behalf ID - filter values.

Start Date - the date the combo was purchased.

App Management

App Management menu is used to send updated builds of the STB applications to the users from the management system directly to their devices. The purpose of the menu is to send the update from the system since mostly of the operators do not publish the STB application on google play store, as it can be done with smartphones or Smart TV apps.
App Management

App ID – By Default it is 1 which is the ID of the STB Application.

App Version – Application Version you are going to send as update.

Title – Enter a title for this update.

Description – Enter a description to identify this update.

URL – Upload the apk file which will be sent to users.

Min Upgrade Api – The lower Api supported from the devices to receive the update (by default 17).

Users and Roles

Users and Roles

Group name – the name you want to give to the group.

Group code – you must choose from the dropdown list.

Is Available – if the group is available and you can invite people to be part of it.

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